I am very interested in the Certification Program. Do I need to declare my candidacy right away?

No, you can take any of the formal classes and the Reading List element without declaring your candidacy. The classes are open to CCA member coaches at any time. You simply sign up for the classes and pay for each one as you go. For some classes, there is a discounted fee for people who have declared their candidacy though. However, you must declare candidacy before doing the Supervised Coaching element, the Project element, and of course, the final interview component.

Can I take any class I want without being in the program?

Yes, the formal classes are open to CCA member coaches at any time.

Is there an order in which to take classes?

There is no sequence for taking the classes -- you may take the classes in any sequence that you want. To discuss the best plan for you, please email Heath Down at heath@creativitycoachingassociation.com to discuss further.

Do courses I’ve taken with Eric Maisel in the past count toward certification?

Yes, if you’ve taken other courses with Eric in the past, such as the Introduction to Creativity or the Advanced Creativity Coaching course, these will count towards your certification.

Can you overlap classes, i.e., take more than one class at a time?

Yes, you can overlap classes. Because of the number of classes that we need to offer, it may inevitable that you will be finishing one class when another one starts. Please contact us at heath@creativitycoachingassociation.com with any questions regarding timing of the classes.

What if I sign up for a class and it is cancelled?

If a class is cancelled for lack of minimum number of students, we will refund your fee or apply it to another class.

Will I receive a confirmation of registration?

Yes, we will email you once we have received your payment.

Is there a contact to discuss the courses, timing, projects, etc.?

Please send an email to heath@creativitycoachingassociation.com about any questions you have on the CCA program.

Why is there a requirement that the program be completed within 2 years from the date of candidacy declaration?

The two year time frame is a guideline to help you stay motivated. We will be flexible if a candidate is earnestly trying to complete the certification but can't quite do it in two years because of personal, family, or other significant conflicts.

For the Reading element of the program, does the cost include the books or are they an additional purchase?

No, the cost of the reading portion does not include the books.

What is the goal of the Reading program and what are the study guides?

The reading program is intended to provide candidates with a solid background in the literature of creativity. Being familiar with a wide range of books on creativity will build your knowledge of creativity issues and vocabulary, as well as enhance your work as a coach. The study guides for each book you select are intended to draw your attention to various themes and vocabulary in the book and to provide questions for you to reflect on to develop your coaching.